Western Australia lottery makes a new millionaire

megalottoEvery now and then, an ordinary lottery comes into the spotlight, after some lucky player wins a huge amount and this is exactly what happened with the Western Australia lottery. The most recent winner refused to disclose his identity, but it is known the fact that he took home $22 million, an amount that is slightly higher than what this lottery usually awards.

The achievement of the lucky Australian is worthy of praise, but what makes this story even better is the fact that a couple of months ago some other lucky winner also crossed the $20 million threshold. Division 1 Oz Lotto jackpot made several millionaires throughout its history, but this amount is the third highest and the fact that two massive jackpots were won in a couple of months is remarkable.

Although it doesn’t enjoy the same popularity and media exposure as the Mega Million or Powerball, this lottery has its dedicated fan base. Compared to its American counterparts, the prizes are mediocre at best, but as Australian lotteries go the Oz Lotto jackpot is out of the ordinary. There are many ways to explain why two players won so much in a matter of months, with the main argument being the fact that the number of people who purchase tickets increased dramatically in 2013.

The price of tickets was not increased, but when lottery players caught wind of the fact that one of their peers won more than $20 million, they started to pay attention to the games. Both these jackpots were not shared by the winner, as they were the only ones to match all the numbers, most likely by using the Quick Pick option. Whenever some of the winning numbers exceed 31, the number of winners in both first category and second-tier prizes is lower, because many lottery players choose to use birthdays.

Lottery officials are thrilled by the prospect of having more players buying tickets in the upcoming months and made sure that they know that other games made millionaires as well. Esperance Goldfields is frequently cited for a warding a prize of $10 million three months ago, but for the time being, all eyes are fixed on the Western Australia lottery. The record is held by a player who won $30 million back in 2007 so those who hope to set a milestone should know that this is the amount to beat.