Video poker

Video poker is nor really a lottery type game and neither is it a win big type of game although some types of the game do feature sizable jackpots. Video poker is something a lot more special than that, it is a casino game where the player will have an edge over the bank if he plays perfectly. It is in other words a casino game that allow the player to be a long time winning player and a game that allows you to have a fair chance to leave a casino as a winner. Add to this that video poker is fun and it is no surprise that the game has become very popular over the years. Video poker is developed from regular from regular draw poker and is played on machines. The classic and most well known type of video poker is jacks or better (where you need at least a pair of jacks to win) but there are many other versions available and new ones regularly hit the market. Other types of video poker include Deuces wild, joker poker, all American and all aces.

Not all types of videopoker nor all machines of any type of video poker will offer the player an edge against the bank. Only full pay machines of certain types of Video poker will do that. The best machines for a player to play at is full pay deuces wild machines. You can learn to spot full pay machines by memorizing the pay table for full pay machines for different types of video poker. Full pay machines are available in many casinos but they are moved a lot and mixed in with regular lower paying machines. You will therefore need to search for a while to find a full pay machine. They are however well worth looking for, especially if you want to play a long session. Full pay machines can be found in many online casinos as well. To get an edge towards the bank you will need to play perfectly. There are plenty of strategies online that will help you learn how to do that. It is not hard to learn and although perfectly might sound intimidating it really only means using a correct strategy.

There are now new types of video poker on the market such as level up video poker and power poker video poker. These games can be fun to play but always offer worse odds for the player than the underlying video poker type. IE deuces wild level up poker will feature worse odds for the players than regular deuces wild poker.

Power poker are games where you play several hands dealt from several decks at once and where you need to keep and fold the same cards on all hands. This makes it impossible to play each individual hand optimally and hence increase the edge for the bank.

Level up poker is video poker where you climb to a new level each time you win. For each level you climb your winnings are multiplied with a larger number. Level up poker usually feature 4 levels where the top levels pay all winnings x8. This type of poker do in other words promote consecutive wins and make it possible to win a lot in a short run. The pay outs are however overall lower than they are playing regular poker and the banks edge is hence higher. If you play to win we recommend playing regular full pay machines, if you play for fun you can try one of these versions since they add extra excitement.

Video poker is available in most online casinos. You will find the best selection of video poker games in Microgaming powered casinos. You will however find good versions of the most popular games in most casinos no matter what software they use. It is important to know that Video poker usually to not count towards the bonus requirements of an online casino and if you are only going to play video poker you are therefore usually better of by not accepting the welcome bonus. Always make sure to read the rules surrounding video poker before accepting any bonus from a casino if video poker is your games of choices. Otherwise you might be unable to withdraw your money until you meet the requirements for the bonus, something that might not be possible to do playing video poker.