The upsides and shortcomings of lottery wheels

Lottery wheels are immensely popular with some of the players and those who use them regularly say that they cannot envision any other way of playing the game. In order to become a fan of this system, one needs to thoroughly understand what the lottery wheel actually is and which are the advantages as well as the shortcomings. describes in a simple yet interesting manner how these wheels work and doesn’t go either way with recommending or criticizing the system.


One myth about lottery wheeling systems is that they improve the players’ chances to win, and some believe that there are infallible strategies. The truth is that a wheel consists of several numbers which are combining different ways, so when some of those numbers are extracted from the plastic bubble doing that draw, players are certain to win a prize. Keep in mind the prerequisite, which is to have some or all of those numbers extracted in the first place as there is no guarantee for this to happen.

The next thing that comes to mind is the cost, because whether players are allowed to add more numbers on a lottery ticket or have to purchase more betting slips, the outcome is the same. They all translate into additional costs and if you’re not willing to spend some extra money, it is better to forget altogether about these wheeling systems. Then again, there are ways of mitigating the costs at the expense of certainty, by using incomplete wheels that focus on less numbers and fewer combinations.

When creating the block of numbers, players have complete freedom in choosing them and they can safely put aside any misconceptions. Any strings of numbers are just as likely to be winners and there are no advantages in choosing one over the other. Full wheels will set you back financially and those who play the lottery frequently, short refrain from using them on a daily basis to keep the expenses in check.

Lottery wheels should be limited to those occasions when the jackpot was rolled over several times and has hit a huge amount. In fact this is a very popular strategy among veteran lottery players, who purchase more tickets when the prizes are larger. They have the same chances of winning as in any other draw, but by acquiring more tickets they slightly improve these odds.