Powerball winner claims his $425.3 million jackpot

Back in February, all those who are even remotely interested in the Powerball lottery were talking about the $425 million jackpot. A lucky player from Silicon Valley won the amount and he was the only winner for that particular drawing. The winner decided not to cash in his prize right away, and instead took his time to contemplate all possibilities. In early April, he stepped forward and claimed the jackpot, while wearing a funny “Star Wars” T-shirts with the words: “Luck of the Jedi I have.”Powerball winner claims his $425.3 million jackpot

The millionaire who goes by the name of Raymond Buxton chose not to take a picture, but he had to make a compromise eventually. By using the huge check to cover his face, he only exposed the funky T-shirt as well as his name. Lottery officials were not surprise that the winner took so long to step forward, in fact they encourage other players to follow his example.

This is something that most lottery organizers do, as they instruct winners to seek financial counseling in order to make the most of their newfound wealth. Winning a life-changing amount is an extraordinary experience, but in order to avoid most of the shortcomings associated to a big score, players are advised to take it one step at a time. In this particular case, Raymond sought the assistance of a San Francisco law firm to help him with all the bank accounts and taxes.

Much to his credit, the lucky winner decided to give something back and he intends to set up a foundation that the San Francisco firm will also help with. There are many who choose to give money to charity in the wake of winning a huge amount and Buxton decided to invest in pediatric health, child hunger and education. With so much money in his bank account, he can easily pursue this charitable objectives, while having enough left not to worry about money for the rest of his life.

Lottery officials declined to disclose additional information about the winner and only told the media that he is a well-educated professional in his 50s. Among the top priorities for the lucky winner is to spend more time traveling abroad and he plans on starting right away. This is not the first time that someone in the Bay Area wins a lot of money, with Steve Tran taking home a significant amount on December 17.