Luck changes for unemployed lottery player

homelesswinnerThere are plenty of stories about people who caught a lucky break by winning the lottery jackpot just when they needed it most, but most of them pale in comparison to László Andraschek’s tale. The Guardian has a well-researched article available for those who want to read the entire story at this location

When compared to be lotteries in the United States, such as the Mega Millions for the Powerball, a jackpot worth 1.7 million pounds is nothing to shout for. On the other hand, this amount ranks of the top of the list when it comes to jackpots won by Hungarian players and it certainly represents a great deal for László. It is quite possible that his triumph would’ve gone unnoticed hadn’t it been for his generous donation to a hostel helping homeless people.

Andraschek is not exactly a dedicated lottery player and with his limited means, he can’t afford to buy tickets on a regular basis. Nevertheless, on that fateful day he chose to give it a spin and it was necessary for the lady selling the tickets to remind him that seven numbers were needed. The 55-year-old scored a big win and with 630m Hungarian forints in his account he can now buy a property wherever he likes.

A significant part of the money will be used to improve the quality of life and among the first acquisitions would be a house and a new vehicle that he already purchased. He is married and has children, with the latter being the ones to drive the car, while the lucky couple will be focusing mostly on the new property. The winner plans on refurbishing a house and move there, but he also intends to donate a part of the jackpot to charity and start his own foundation.

Things are not going exactly smooth in Hungary and there are many human rights activists protesting the new laws that are aimed at limiting the freedom of homeless people. There are as many as 30,000 of them on the streets right now and the authorities plan on jailing those who break the law that prohibits them from sleeping in various locations. It is uncertain whether Andraschek with join these protests now that he has a roof above his head, but it goes without saying that he has more effective ways of getting involved and support the cause.