Keno is a lottery type game where it is possible to win big or win often all depending on how you play it. Keno is played using a Keno ticket that contains 80 numbers (1-80) divided into rows of 10. The player choose to pick how many numbers they want to play on. Exactly how many numbers you can play on vary but it can sometimes be as few as 1 and as many as 20. Most common is that the player is free to choose anything between 2 and 10 or 11 numbers. Later 20 numbers will be drawn and if the players numbers are among the drawn number the player will win. If he plays on only 2 numbers than the price will be small but if he on the other hand choose 11 numbers the price will often be in the millions.

Keno always offer the bank a rather big edge and is a game that is to be played for enjoyment and perhaps the possibility to win big. It is not a game for all those who want a game where it is possible to win money over time, IE a game where the banks edge is small or non existent.

An important fact to know about keno is that is important to claim your winnings quickly. You should therefore always head directly over to the operators desk if you won. If a new games starts all winnings from the old game is forfeited and you will get nothing. This might be annoying if you win a couple of hundred and completely earth shattering if you won millions that you will never see because you didn’t claim it in time. If you win big you should not let anything stand in your way of getting to the desk quickly and even if you win small you should avoid wasting any time getting there. Some operators but far from all automatically credit your winnings to your account (as is the case in online keno) but most do not. Always read the information the operator provides before you start playing keno in an establishment.

It is today possible to play keno online in most online casinos. If you play Keno online you can do it from anywhere, anytime and you will usually not have to wait to see the numbers drawn. The numbers are often drawn as soon as you are done with your tickets. Although there are online casinos that draws number every five minutes or so as well. Many casinos offer special Keno bonuses and is common to be able to find no deposit keno bonuses, bonuses that you get simply for registering without having to deposit any money. These bonuses are there to allow you a chance to try keno for free. If you like playing Keno online and want to deposit money into your account you will usually get a second bonus. A matching bonus which size depends on how much money you deposit.