There are two basic types of jackpots. Fixed jackpots and progressive jackpots. Fixed jackpots are always the same amount even if two people win the bonus with 5 minutes in between. Progressive jackpots on the other hand grows until someone wins them. They can grow to very large sizes over time and winning a progressive jack pot on a slot or casino game can be worth many many millions and can change your life for ever. There are several online slot jackpots that are worth several millions at any given time.

Regular jackpots that has a fixed size are always the same and hence the value of the jackpot and the edge of the bank always remain the same. This is not true with games that feature a progressive jackpot. In these games it is possible to calculate when a game is worth playing because it offers an over value, basically an edge for the player, and when they do not. Games with progressive jackpots usually feature a rather large edge for the bank. This means that the games, from an logical economical standpoint not is worth playing when the jackpot is low. It is possible to calculated exactly at what point this bank edge disappears and when the game carry a value that is in favor of the player. At this point the value of the jackpot makes the game worth playing form a strictly economical standpoint. The chance of hitting the jackpot is however usually very low, especially when dealing whit jackpots that develop an over value and it is therefore very common that most gamblers that calculate the value of different jackpots to find over values refrain from playing for a while longer and only start playing when the over value has become large enough for them to find it worth playing. Different gambles will have different ideas about how big this overvalue should be. For most every day players that play for fun all this will however be off less importance than how fun the game is to play regardless of what value the jackpot offers the game at any given point in time.

A long row of different casino games feature progressive and regular jackpots. The most well known are likely slots but many other game like Caribbean stud poker and other poker, black jack and other games also often feature different jackpots. In Caribbean stud the jack pot is usually won by hitting the royal straight flush. In black jack everything from getting triple sevens to getting 5, 6 or even 7 card below 21 can hit the jackpot. The harder a jackpot is to win the higher it will generally be.