Huge Mega Millions jackpot split by two lucky winners

Huge Mega Millions jackpot split by two lucky winnersNationwide, Mega Millions players stormed lottery retailers to purchase tickets for what shaped to be the second largest drawing ever held by the popular game. With the prize crossing the $600 million limit, there were some who secretly hoped that the previous record would be shattered. A few years ago, the same lottery awarded the biggest jackpot ever, a massive $656 that was equally split among three lucky ticket holders.

Given the fact that previous estimations were outstripped by actual ticket sales, it is not far-fetched for the jackpot to climb to new highs. In the end, the first prize came 8 million short of tying the record, but on the bright side, just two players got to split the $648 million. Lottery officials reveal the fact that one of the lottery winners bought the ticket in San Jose California, but as the lucky player is expected to step forward and claim his prize, there are no details available about him or her.

On the other hand, the winner of the other half stepped forward and her identity was already revealed. Ira Curry from Georgia is a 56 years old woman who will receive an amount of $120 million after all state and federal taxes have been paid. The lucky lady who describes herself as a conservative lottery player, doesn’t invest a lot of money on lottery tickets and always handpicks her numbers. Find out more about her story here:

There is nothing wrong in choosing to manually add lottery numbers on the slip, it’s just that the vast majority of lottery players these days resort to the quick pick system. They fancy the convenience it brings and the fact that the time saved is significant on the long run, although they have exactly the same chances to win as those who use numbers that have a personal significance or use complex lottery systems. As for the lucky lady from Georgia, she was on the verge of missing out on the opportunity as she postponed the ticket purchase for late Friday afternoon.

The decision to visit a local lottery retail and purchase the tickets with just a couple of hours left before the drawing room to be the most inspired choice she ever made. With so much money on her hands, she has plenty of time to think what to purchase and whom to help. It is only fair to assume that her family will receive all the support it needs, especially her daughter, who was the one to learn about the good fortune, in the first place.

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