EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle rewards perseverant players

megalottoThere are two reasons for why the EuroMillions is so popular among European players, with the leading one being the sheer amount of the jackpot. Outside the United States, this is the most generous lottery making millionaires every week with the top prizes counting in the tens and even hundreds of millions of dollars. This is not an amount to be trifled with and even if it wasn’t for other advantages, people would still purchase tickets for this lottery.

The other advantage is that every single week, players can pay one more pound to compete for the EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle. In order to win, players don’t need to match any numbers as all they are required is to have the winning series inscribed on their ticket. This week it was time for Malcolm Talbot to win and the £1 million is going to make him and his 69 years old wife very happy this year.

They are celebrating 51 years since they got married and his wife Rhona turns 70 on the day before Christmas, so they will have the best party ever. They have children, grandchildren and even five great-grandchildren so the money will also improve the quality of their lives. £1 million is a lot of money, but not enough to change all their lives virtually overnight and the best the winners can do, is to help them cover college expenses while buying them nice gifts.

The lucky couple played the lottery for many years but never purchased too many tickets, as they didn’t like the idea of spending too much money on a game that essentially depends on luck. Nevertheless, regardless of how many tickets they might have purchased over the course of time, they surely offset the losses by winning this jackpot. Buying a new home is among the investments at the horizon, but the Talbots don’t have anything excessive in mind.

They intend to relocate in the same community in a house with fewer steps as it is excruciating for them to climb and descend every single day. On the other hand they are thrilled with living in the Bolton area and have no intention of leaving even though they could afford to move pretty much anywhere. It was Malcolm who found out that they’ve won the jackpot, not before realizing that the EuroMillions ticket failed to match the winning numbers.

The moment he realized that he had the winning series inscribed on his ticket he let his wife know and it took a while before the news sank in. They can now enjoy the peaceful retirement and no longer focus about how to cover the numerous expenses worsened by old-age and illness. Their example will probably inspire many of the lottery players who gave up hope after playing for many years, to start purchasing tickets once again. At the end of the day this is a clear case of how perseverance paid off for people who genuinely like lottery, without being addicted to it.