Immigrant wins a record instant prize

For many living outside the United States, immigrating and earning citizenship is a dream come true, while most Americans are dreaming of winning a lottery jackpot. Anel Bajtarevic did both as he became a recent Illinois lottery winner, 16 years after emigrating from Bosnia. He did his best to leave the American dream and started his own trucking business, but until now he didn’t have the resources to expand it. He won $20.8 million and the money will be awarded to him in equal increments of $20,000 per week for the next 20 years.


In most cases, lottery winners are provided with the option of choosing between lump payments and annuities, but this is not the case with the Illinois lottery. Anel Bajtarevic chose to participate in the instant lottery and this meant that he accepted the rule stating that the money will be released over two decades. This is only a minor inconvenience because with $20,000 per week, he can do pretty much anything and will have no problem investing in his business.

It is highly unlikely for the winner to have any intentions to apply for a credit to push things into overdrive, but if he would, there are plenty of banks delighted to oblige. Right now, he is contemplating all his options and plans on buying a new car for himself before making any large-scale investments. Anel Bajtarevic is not what players would regard as a lottery aficionado and he only occasionally purchases tickets.

What convinced him to spend a couple of dollars for a ticket was the prospect of winning a steady amount over 20 years. He had the plans and now he has the money as well to grow his business, not to mention that he doesn’t have to worry anymore about financial issues. His example will serve as an incentive for other lottery players who were until now reluctant to participate in this type of lottery.

Receiving $1 million per year can truly change someone’s life and the best thing is that unlike a lump payment it gives you a sense of security. Even those who make uninspired business choices or splash out excessively in the aftermath of a draw, will have a safety net to fall on. Everyone is happy about the outcome of this draw, because while Anel Bajtarevic and his family rejoice following the good fortune, the vendor who sold the ticket will also receive a bonus of $200,000.

What do Lottery roll-overs and roll-downs stand for?

Playing the lottery requires no special training and anyone can pick up the rules right away, with experience rendered virtually useless by the simplicity of the games. Even though one doesn’t need any prior training to enjoy the same chances as veteran lottery players, it is worth getting familiar with some important concepts. Lottery rollovers and roll downs are two such terms that should enter the vocabulary of all lottery players, as their firm understanding can enhance the gaming experience.


The most important ones for regular players are the rollovers, because they apply to jackpots that are not won for several weeks in a row. Lottery officials will not pocket these prizes, but instead will roll over the amounts so that the next jackpot includes them. The consequence is that future prizes are consistently higher and those who are lucky to scoop them win larger amounts than they would on a normal draw.

This explains why so many players choose to save money by not buying tickets on regular draws, and instead use the funds to purchase more tickets in the wake of rollovers. All big lotteries such as the Powerball or Euromillions resort to rollovers often, with the difference residing in the fact that some of them choose to cap prizes. The European lottery is a shining example as players can’t win more than €190 million, while the Powerball and Mega Millions don’t have such restrictions.

That’s why American lotteries hold the record for the largest prizes ever awarded and they are the only ones where records can still be broken. When lotteries choose to apply the rollovers for a limited period of time or until the maximum amount is reached, they are forced to resort to the other game mechanic. This is known as a rolldowns and applies to those jackpots who hit the top payout and the consequence is that the money exceeding the threshold is divided among lower tier prize winners.

The beneficiaries are those who match fewer numbers and in most cases only the second category of winners split the exceeding amount. Rolldowns are less frequent and when a lottery suddenly decides to introduce them to their games, regular players fret. The reason for discontent is that they feel like the organizers are depriving them of the chance to win big and fail to understand the importance of boosting second tier prizes.

Ireland Lotto jackpot split by lucky couple

Some of those who win the lottery have interesting stories to say, and the players community always rejoices when they feel that the winners truly deserve the money. Kevin and Carol seem to match the profile, as the two of them are divorced and were struggling to raise seven children, with limited financial means. Kevin is a 46-year-old man with three kids, while Carol is seven years younger and has four children of her own, so the €10.5 million won in the Ireland lotto will greatly simplify their mission.


Kevin remembers that throughout the years he had to overcome hardship and now that money is finally abundant, he will use it to give his children the best. The same goes to Carol, who works for a bookmaker and was in dire need of money to provide for her four children. On the bright side, she was very happy with her job, in fact she liked it so much that she intends to return to work after a short vacation.

There are not many cases of lottery winners who choose not to quit their job right away, but Carol seems to be among the lucky few who truly enjoys what she is doing. Perhaps the fact that the two of them met at the local bookmaker also weighs heavily in the balance, but regardless of the reasons, Carol will have plenty of options from this date forward. They didn’t spend more than two euros for a lottery ticket and although it is Kevin who came up with the idea of buying the ticket, Carol was the one actually buying it.

Now that the two of them are millionaires, these details make no difference and the only thing that matters is what they will do with the newfound wealth. Kevin knows that his mother is the priority, as he strongly believes that she is the best woman in the world, therefore deserves the best. The children are not going to miss anything either, but the two winners are equally willing to help friends and family.

Kevin needs to decide whether he will return at work, as he is currently employed by Trend Technologies, or if his vacation will turn permanent. It is only natural to assume that regardless of what plans the two of them would make, they will do them together and that the jackpot with only consolidate their bond.

Powerball lottery jackpot shatters previous record

If someone would’ve said a couple of years ago that in a not so distant future the Powerball jackpot will be surpassed by a few hundred million dollars, regular players would’ve raised their eyebrows in disbelief. In 2012 a new record was set and with the main prize hitting $588 million, it became obvious that it is quite possible for Powerball to overthrow the Mega Millions. What made this possible was the fact that the price of a ticket was doubled one year ago, a highly controversial decision.


To find out what happens when lotteries choose to increase the prize on their tickets, players should head on to In this particular case, Powerball organizers were right when they chose to demand players to pay two dollars instead of one. Sales didn’t plummet as the pessimists expected them to do, and with more money going to the prize pool it was only a matter of time before the jackpots hit new highs.

The odds of matching all the numbers and the Powerball are one in 175 millions, which explains why the jackpots are rolled over so often. Last week the main prize exceeded $500 million and lottery officials estimated that the next jackpot will cross the threshold of $600 million. Their estimation fell 10 millions short but even so the Florida resident who won the jackpot has set a new record by becoming the richest ever lottery winner.

Although the Mega Millions prize was $66 million higher, it was divided among three players and the previous Powerball jackpot was also shared by two winners. The bottom line is that even though after taxes the player will receive less than $400 million, this is the largest jackpot ever awarded in a lottery in the United States and abroad. It will take a while until this record will be shattered, but given the fact that this occurred twice in less than a year, nobody doubts that it is only a matter of time.

Lottery officials didn’t disclose any additional information about the winner and it is not yet certain if he or she stepped forward to claim the money. Among the few data that was leaked to the media is the fact that the winning ticket was sold at a Publix supermarket in the town of Zephyrhills, Florida. As for the winning numbers these were 10, 13, 14, 22 and 52 while the Powerball number was 11, so those who bought tickets should compare their numbers against the winning ones.

The number of sold ticket exceeded expectations, despite the fact that it is now a trend for players to purchase more tickets whenever the jackpot hits new highs. Millions of tickets were bought nationwide and with 44 states including DC participating in the Powerball, the prize pool grew quickly after the jackpot was rolled over a couple of times. Among the most active players are the ones who live in California, a state that only recently joined the popular lottery.

Justice is served in notorious lottery theft case

There are many ways in which people try to boost their chances of winning the lottery, and the most straightforward course of action is to resort to quick pick systems. Those who don’t believe in these simple and fast solution purchase or download for free lottery strategies and allegedly smart lottery software. While this can speed up the process of choosing the numbers, there is no reason to expect better results following such an acquisition, therefore players should think twice before spending cash on them.


At the opposite end of the spectrum, there are people who would stop at nothing to win a lottery prize and some of them resort to activities that are prosecuted. This is exactly what two brothers did a few years ago and following a long and twisted investigation, they were both brought to justice. The case went to trial and they are now accused of stealing the winning ticket and also face conspiracy charges, which means that they are very likely to spend many years in jail.

Their approach was rather mundane and the two brothers did nothing more than to seize the opportunity when the actual winner presented them with the winning ticket. They had no hesitation in deceiving him that he was the lucky winner of an amount that didn’t exceed $5000 and offered him a cash prize of $4000. In order to avoid detection they waited until the very last month to cash the prize but due to suspicious behavior the lottery officials suspected that something was wrong.

The Ashkar brothers asked for a lower prize in exchange of limiting media attention and were terribly unconvincing when asked when and where they bought the lottery ticket. The prosecutor seems to have an easy mission in proving that the two alleged criminals took advantage of the player’s naivety and planned everything in detail. As for the genuine winner, he now has to wait for justice to be served before the jackpot can be paid, as the lottery can’t operate the payment before a verdict is reached.

One of the brothers and their father are also charged with conspiracy as it appears that the elder Ashkar was well aware of what his sons were brewing. This case should serve as a silent reminder for other lottery players to double check their numbers, to make sure that they know exactly what amount they are entitled to receive.

What does Health Lottery stand for?

There are plenty of lotteries out there and some have rather strange names, which prompt players to be extra careful and even avoid them altogether. The Health Lottery could well be one of them, because for those who have no idea about what this lottery stands for, the name raises the alarm flags. Scam artists have made a habit out of using names that are appealing to the broad audience without saying too much, in an attempt of deceiving honest lottery players. This makes it very difficult for genuine lotteries who happen to bear such a name separate themselves from the shady ones.


This is the case of the Health Lottery, a game that is perfectly legal and has built a strong reputation within the borders of the United Kingdom. The same goes for the Postcode Lottery, about which players can learn more about at Both these games have a hard time in expanding their solid reputation beyond the UK borders, as well as forcing scam artists out of their way.

The Health Lottery is a game that operates in parallel with the National Lottery ran by Camelot, and it is one of the lotteries that awards significant amounts to charity. The organizers take great pride in highlighting their contribution made to charitable and nonprofit groups. Over the last two years, more than $50 million have been raised for such organizations and the lottery promises that the numbers will only increase in the upcoming years.

A recent event celebrating these achievements was attended by many celebrities, with names such as Joy and Richard Desmond, Gloria Hunniford and Richard Cowell being on the list. The purpose of the event was to prove British players that the lottery remains a staunch supporter of those less fortunate and to increase the number of customers. The lottery directs a part of the revenue generated by selling tickets to charities, which means that the more players they have, the more money will be donated to good causes.

Many of these organizations are underfunded and some rely almost exclusively on the money coming from both the Health Lottery and the National Lottery. With the government decreasing the amounts awarded each year, the lotteries need to step up but their contribution is closely linked to the number of tickets they sell. The Health Lottery supports everything from sports organizations aimed at helping youngsters, to hospitals and medical facilities, and the amounts donated are on an uptrend.

What exactly is People’s Postcode Lottery?

The number of lotteries activating worldwide has increased recently, and as a result the number of scam artists trying to capitalize on the growth also grew exponentially. Most of them are not very imaginative and resort to rather basic techniques of deceiving people, such as promising them elusive jackpots without purchasing tickets. Some tell them that their e-mail address was selected among millions, others claim that their home address or ZIP code made them a millionaire overnight and with no strings attached.

People Postcode Lottery

For the People’s Postcode Lottery, all of these wrongdoers have a detrimental effect because due to its name the lottery is very vulnerable to copycats. Established 24 years ago in the Netherlands by Dutch company Novamedia BV, this lottery grew extremely popular in a short period of time and was soon exported beyond borders. It made many millionaires over years and it is now a trustworthy lottery in the United Kingdom, although it remains relatively unknown outside Great Britain.

The prizes are indeed won by people based on their postcode, but only those who sign up for the monthly subscription have the chance of being selected. This is why those who know that they haven’t paid a dime should dismiss any promises made in the name of this lottery or another one bearing a similar name. It is only natural for the scammers to take advantage of this brand when trying to market their bogus lotteries, and although the People’s Postcode Lottery goes to great lengths to stop them in their tracks, they are not very successful. On the bright side, the lottery has more customers by the day and it is one of the most generous supporters of charitable organizations in the United Kingdom.

25% of all the money collected as a result of selling tickets is donated to charities, and there are several trusts established by the lottery to serve different organizations. While the People’s Postcode Lottery only sells tickets in the United Kingdom, its other branches activate throughout Europe and there is a good chance for them to continue their expansion. The fact that they spend a higher percentage than most lotteries worldwide to support charities, made People’s Postcode Lottery extremely popular with the broader public. is the place where those who want to learn more about the games they run and the prizes awarded on a monthly basis can satisfy their curiosity.

Are all foreign lotteries scams?

For lottery enthusiasts, the temptation of playing foreign lotteries is just as big as their fears about the prospect of being scammed. They have good reasons to be worried about what might happen if they give in to temptation and purchase tickets online, because you can never know how honest the operator is. With the number of foreign lottery scams on the rise it is only natural for players to exercise prudence whenever they are presented with an offer that sounds too good to be true.

Highly debatable as these foreign lotteries are, one thing is sure and this is the fact that in their shadows thrives a deeply dishonest industry. American citizens and elderly ones above all else are targeted on a daily basis by scammers who try to convince them that they have won such a foreign lottery. The amounts that they are told to have won are considerable and in exchange for having the money released, they are asked to make what appears like a small payment.

Advertised as fees, taxes or different types of payments, these are only the first step in a long and twisted chain that leads many people to personal bankruptcy. While the number of lottery operators that sell tickets over the Internet is relatively low, the number of perpetrators who try to scheme honest people is considerable. Most of them are from outside United States and use advanced technology, which makes them very difficult to identify and capture.

The authorities are relentless in their efforts to inform American citizens about the risks they are exposing themselves to when pursuing illusory jackpots. ABC news makes some very interesting points about the subject and presents a few cases that should serve as a warning for potential victims. Check them out here

It looks like no matter how active they are and how involved in countering foreign lottery scams, the authorities are fighting a losing battle. The only real help would be if the recipients of such bogus e-mails or phone calls inform AARP’s Washington State office as soon as they are targeted and refused to follow the indications given by the perpetrators. The idea is to stop them in their tracks and catch them before they can cause more harm, but in order to do so they need to be identified and located.

Some of those who became the victims of lottery scams responded to these e-mails and followed up by sending small amounts of money. These quickly increased as the scam artists demanded higher amounts, and in the end many lost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars without getting anything in return. The authorities remind people that the chances of recovering any of the money lost are insignificant and once they are sent to an offshore account, they’re as good as lost.

Many of the victims are elderly people with low education levels, but there are numerous exceptions of educated people who refused to see what was obvious. Some are willing to take huge high just because they are reluctant to give up the slightest chance to become rich overnight and this is exactly what the cyber criminals are counting on. Most of them are located in Jamaica and this is why American officials work closely with their Jamaican counterparts to cut the evil from its roots. In this line of work though, prevention is the only thing that works and educating the audience is the only way of winning the battle.

Lottery jackpots are good for the state

Lottery players are driven in their quest by the hope that one day they will win a huge amount, and offset all of their previous expenditures. The ones who organize the games are fully aware of this reality and go to great lengths to increase the size of the jackpots they award. Obviously, the most straightforward way of boosting the prizes is by increasing the price of tickets, or by decreasing the chances to win the jackpot if these are rolled over.

None of these alternatives are particularly exciting for players, and the latter is also difficult to implement since most of those who purchased lottery tickets are very used with the existing format. As a result, the states are occasionally bumping the price of lottery tickets, and try to convince the audience that this action is going to deliver positive results. If past performance can serve as a tool for predicting future results, then the 2012 Powerball jackpots are the ones to look at.

It all began with the officials increasing the price of these tickets despite the fact that many predicted that this measure will backfire. The number of tickets acquired by players dropped slightly in the first stages, but it was offset by players who purchased massively when the jackpots soared. The amounts collected during the fiscal year increased by 7% while the players collected some of the highest lottery jackpot ever awarded. It seems like a win-win situation, and there is a good chance for the trend to continue.

With the states receiving more than a third of the money collected from selling tickets, there is plenty of cash to go around for charities as well. A fraction of the money is directed towards social and educational programs, especially those who are suffering from underfunding. The money is directed to state authorities who decide which programs receive what amount, but at the end of the day the ones who direly need the money, receive it.

Data suggest that education is the sector that receives the highest amounts year after year, but there are other nonprofit organizations who benefit from higher lottery jackpots. While the recent results give them a reason to rejoice, the authorities need to concern themselves with keeping the sales high, and in order to do so they must keep the games fresh. New titles generate an additional stream of income, but it is the established lottery games that drive the most customers nationwide.

Lottery Jackpot winner withdraws claim

Any lottery player dreams of winning the jackpot one day, and pretty much nobody would even consider the situation in which they would forsake the price. This is exactly what happened in Iowa, where a lucky winner chose to withdraw his claim for the money instead of explaining the authorities where he got the lottery ticket from. When lottery officials asked for details, the winner chose to disclose no information and this prompted the police to start an investigation to determine whether a crime was committed or not.

The person everyone talks about as the mystery millionaire who chose to forsake the jackpot is a New York lawyer who won the prize more than one year ago. He claimed the money a few hours before the deadline, but only a week later he chose to withdraw the claim, when lottery officials demanded some explanations. It looks like the winner went to great lengths to conceal his identity and got several law firms involved, in an attempt of keeping things as secret as possible.

Since there are many things that don’t add up, lottery CEO Terry Rich asked the authorities for help as he suspects that someone else was the rightful winner. There are many speculations but no concrete facts so far and the lawyer is unwilling to say anything more on this matter and considers the case closed. The authorities beg to differ and they seem willing to pursue any lead that might help them clarify this shady situation and expose any criminal activity.

From a player’s point of view, the situation is every bit as interesting because it is obvious that something not quite legal happened, if the winner is willing to forsake all those millions. To complicate matters even further, the preliminary investigation suggests that the winner intended to ship the cash to a bank account in Belize. Given the fact that this is a tax haven where many of those who try to evade the IRS choose to deposit money, it goes without saying that there’s more than meets the eye about this mystery millionaire.