Bet365 Casino makes irresistible offer in 2015

Sports betting has never been easier or more convenient than with Bet365 and now online casino players can enjoy the same advantages. The online gambling operator runs a successful business over the Internet and it covers all the popular markets and sports. Playing casino games is exciting and should be every bit as profitable, especially now that a brand-new promotion has been announced.

Bet365 Casino makes irresistible offer in 2015It starts on February 1 and players need to deposit at least €25 to qualify and they will have this investment matched by 30% or 40% depending on amount. There is also a promotional code to be used and it goes by the name of NEWYEAR, which is supposed to be introduced the moment players credit their online account. The difference between the percentage at which the bonus is matched depends on investment, so VIP players have good reasons to be happy with their status.

On the other hand, if you think about the sheer numbers, it should be obvious that the differences between the two packages are virtually insignificant. Players must deposit at least €1000 to collect the maximum bonus, which is a lot of money for regular players and has a deterring effect on most customers. Depending on their VIP membership, they will receive a bonus of 40% that goes all the way up to $600 or a staggering sum of $2000.

The new year has started for quite a while, but this is no reason for Bet365 to start offering generous promotions and the Happy New Year Bonus is the best proof. Entering the necessary bonus code is one of the few requirements and one that should be extremely easy to meet, with the other being too play the bonus and amount through 30 times. There are no restrictions whatsoever in terms of qualifying games, but they have a different state contribution, with slot machines counting four 100%. Red Dog, Spin A Win and Stravaganza stand at 50%, while video poker has a stake percent contribution of 10%.

Bet365 Casino launches the Live Games Giveaway

Live dealer casinos have gained a lot of traction over the Internet, especially in the wake of gamblers making the transition from land-based casinos to the online versions. At the beginning, Bet365 Casino only offered standard games to its members, such as blackjack, roulette, video poker and slot machines in classic format. As the number of customers grew and the demand for live dealers followed the same course, they had no option but to make the changes.

megalottoNowadays, they can brag about offering a bundle of games, such as baccarat, blackjack, roulette, casino hold them and sic Bo. All of them can be played against real dealers, so if you have any concerns regarding the fairness of the random number generator, this is the time to put them to ease. The good news is that Bet365 Casino also runs a generous campaign which goes by the name of Live Games Giveaway competition and you can find all the relevant details as well as the terms and conditions at

Basically, players will be competing for a total of $5000, which will be distributed among the most successful 200 players. The winner will of course claim the biggest amount which stands at €500, while the runner-up will have to settle for slightly less, more precisely €350. If you finish on the podium you will receive €300, while those who complete the race in the fourth place will receive €250

This is the complete structure of the payouts:

1st €500
2nd €350
3rd €300
4th €250
5th €200
6th €140
7th €120
8th €100
9th €80
10th €60
11th to 20th €40
21st to 30th €30
31st to 40th €25
41st to 50th €20
51st to 100th €15
101st to 200th €10

The promotion will come to an end when October concludes, so there is still one month left to cash in on this opportunity. To become eligible for one of the payouts, he will have to deposit €25 or more in your account and also opt in for this promotion. Only the money wagered on baccarat, blackjack, roulette, sic Bo and baccarat count and the bonus has to be played through 20 times before withdrawals are allowed.

Double the excitement with twin promos at Bet365 Casino

September started on a positive note at Bet365 Casino, where two promotions run in parallel and both of them are scheduled to come to an end on September 30. Members can take advantage of both of them and greatly increase their bankroll, while competing for some exquisite prizes that are going to be awarded next week. In addition to the first deposit bonus, players will be competing for a slice of the €3000 that the online casino offers, with the amounts ranging from €10-€200.

There is a promotional code to redeem the moment you make the first deposit and it goes by the name of BONUS3000. The bonus amount will vary depending on the amount you are willing to invest, with all deposit being matched by 200%. If you live in China and play here then you are out of luck, because the bonus will only be matched by 10%, which renders this otherwise lucrative promotion virtually useless.megalotto

The promotion runs live and the bonus code can be redeemed on a daily basis, so make sure you don’t deposit twice over the same day. In order to receive the bonuses, players should have less than €10 in their online account, so if you have more than that, spin their wheels before making a deposit. In other news, with the English Premier League and the way, players can receive an additional bonus up to €200, if they deposit on Saturday.

The money will be awarded in two increments, with the first representing a 25% bonus, while the second installment will consist of a bonus that can go as high up as €400. If you thought that things couldn’t possibly get better than this, know that the second bonuses matched by 40%, so you only have to deposit €100 to maximize your bonus. In both cases, a minimum amount of €25 is supposed to be deposit for players to be declared eligible.

Check out the table below to get a better idea about the percentages, the maximum amount as well as the bonus codes:

Bonus Available Bonus % Maximum Offer Code Wagering Requirement
First Half 26th or 27th September 25% €200 1HALF 30x
Second Half 27th September 40% €400 2HALF 30x

21 days of fun begin at Mr Green Casino

Three weeks is a long time for an online casino promotion, but this is exactly what makes Mr Green Casino special. There were several campaigns running live throughout July, but now that most of them came to an end, players will need to jump on the new opportunities. The first one goes by the name of “21 days of fun” and those who have an account with the aforementioned casino are probably aware that some prizes have been already awarded.megalottojack

If you are new to the party, there is no reason to be concerned, because you have the same chances to scoop a nice paycheck. It all began on August 4 but it can only conclude at the end of the month, so there will be plenty of cash winners over the span and anyone can use his bankroll. Every day, someone will receive a cash prize, a bundle of free spins or would have their deposit matched by 100%, with all these measures being aimed at helping them to accumulate more money without taking additional risks.

Check out the complete schedule:

4th, 11th & 18th August – Monday: Prize Spins

5th, 12th, 19th August – Tuesday: Cash Drop

6th, 13th & 20th August – Wednesday: Deposit Bonus

7th, 14th & 21st August – Thursday: Cash Drop

8th, 15th & 22nd August – Friday: Tournament

9th, 16th & 23rd August – Saturday: Tournament

10th, 17th & 24th August – Sunday: Tournament

Under normal circumstances, online casino players would be denied the chance to compete in several promotions in the same time, but this is not the case here. Those who have an account with Mr Green can also take advantage of the 4 CASH WISHES campaign which revolves around the Wish Master slots tournaments. It is a promotion aimed towards the most active players who choose to spin the reels of the aforementioned slot machine, with the top four receiving a nice paycheck, as seen below:

  • 1st = €1000
  • 2nd = €250
  • 3rd = €150
  • 4th = €100

The 5 Star Bonus campaign goes live at Sky Vegas Casino

Sky Vegas Casino has greatly expanded its collection of slot games and in order to raise awareness about the new titles, they announced the 5 Star Bonus campaign. It is a recent addition to their lineup and this promotion is expected to last for at least two weeks, providing members with numerous opportunities to collect a £10 Vegas bonus.

There are so many eligible games that it can be difficult to keep track of them, but in order to make sure that your chosen title is on the list, head on to Well before investing the time and spinning the reel, members are supposed to use the promotional STARBONUS code. It applies to both new and prospective customers, but each client can redeem the bonus code a single time and any attempts of abusing the promotion will result in the forfeit of the funds.megalotto

While most bonuses have certain wagering requirements that are supposed to be met after the amount is credited to their account, in this case, members need to invest £50 on qualifying games before receiving the £10 Vegas bonus. This obviously means that they need to have a real money account and enough funds to sustain this streak, but at least in theory it is possible to meet these prerequisites even if you only have a handful of dollars.

It all depends on the outcome of the first couple of games, with those eligible being Aliens, South Park, Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest and Jack & The Beanstalk. Sky Vegas Casino usually encourages its players to check out the mobile casino section, which was greatly expanded over the last couple of months. In this case though, it is worth mentioning that the five eligible games are only available for desktop computers.

Their relatively new additions to the collection of slot machines, which explains why the software is yet to be tweaked to be compatible with mobile devices. On the bright side, once the prerequisites are met and the £10 Vegas bonus is credited, players can choose any games, including those that can be played on smartphones and tablets. There is no need to meet additional wagering requirements, therefore no point in worrying about whether one particular title is on the list of eligible games or not.

New casinos could open their doors in Cyprus

Various companies are based in Cyprus or at least have some subsidiaries in this country, due to the fact that over the course of time it grew into a fiscal paradise. Much has changed lately, but Cyprus remains an attractive destination and there are reasons to expect it to act as a magnet for online casino operators. Some of these companies are willing to set up land-based casinos as well and all they need is favorable legislation to pass through.

megalottoBetVictor Casino is one of the operators who has enjoyed a long and lucrative partnership with local authorities, as their venture ran uninterrupted in Cyprus. The fact that they also run a poker room and a bookmaker doesn’t affect them in any way, quite the contrary. There are no reasons to expect them to set up a land-based casino, but European operators are very interested in what the legislators will do in the upcoming months.

Commerce Minister George Lakkotrypis appears to be a vocal supporter of legalizing gambling in all its forms in the Greek part of the island. It will all begin with a casino bill that is going to be submitted to the legislators this year, with the latter being the ones to decide whether the bill will pass or not. The best case scenario is for it to produce positive effects starting in spring 2015, making this part of the island accessible to casino operators.

The competition between land-based and online operators is not going to be a problem, because the latter serve an entirely different audience. The fact that they are based in Cyprus grants them an edge over other operators that are subject to less permissive national legislation, but these casinos are targeted at European gamblers. Only time will tell whether land-based casinos here will have enough customers, since similar ventures are already up and running in the Turkish side of Cyprus.

Powerball winner claims his $425.3 million jackpot

Back in February, all those who are even remotely interested in the Powerball lottery were talking about the $425 million jackpot. A lucky player from Silicon Valley won the amount and he was the only winner for that particular drawing. The winner decided not to cash in his prize right away, and instead took his time to contemplate all possibilities. In early April, he stepped forward and claimed the jackpot, while wearing a funny “Star Wars” T-shirts with the words: “Luck of the Jedi I have.”Powerball winner claims his $425.3 million jackpot

The millionaire who goes by the name of Raymond Buxton chose not to take a picture, but he had to make a compromise eventually. By using the huge check to cover his face, he only exposed the funky T-shirt as well as his name. Lottery officials were not surprise that the winner took so long to step forward, in fact they encourage other players to follow his example.

This is something that most lottery organizers do, as they instruct winners to seek financial counseling in order to make the most of their newfound wealth. Winning a life-changing amount is an extraordinary experience, but in order to avoid most of the shortcomings associated to a big score, players are advised to take it one step at a time. In this particular case, Raymond sought the assistance of a San Francisco law firm to help him with all the bank accounts and taxes.

Much to his credit, the lucky winner decided to give something back and he intends to set up a foundation that the San Francisco firm will also help with. There are many who choose to give money to charity in the wake of winning a huge amount and Buxton decided to invest in pediatric health, child hunger and education. With so much money in his bank account, he can easily pursue this charitable objectives, while having enough left not to worry about money for the rest of his life.

Lottery officials declined to disclose additional information about the winner and only told the media that he is a well-educated professional in his 50s. Among the top priorities for the lucky winner is to spend more time traveling abroad and he plans on starting right away. This is not the first time that someone in the Bay Area wins a lot of money, with Steve Tran taking home a significant amount on December 17.

Luck changes for unemployed lottery player

homelesswinnerThere are plenty of stories about people who caught a lucky break by winning the lottery jackpot just when they needed it most, but most of them pale in comparison to László Andraschek’s tale. The Guardian has a well-researched article available for those who want to read the entire story at this location

When compared to be lotteries in the United States, such as the Mega Millions for the Powerball, a jackpot worth 1.7 million pounds is nothing to shout for. On the other hand, this amount ranks of the top of the list when it comes to jackpots won by Hungarian players and it certainly represents a great deal for László. It is quite possible that his triumph would’ve gone unnoticed hadn’t it been for his generous donation to a hostel helping homeless people.

Andraschek is not exactly a dedicated lottery player and with his limited means, he can’t afford to buy tickets on a regular basis. Nevertheless, on that fateful day he chose to give it a spin and it was necessary for the lady selling the tickets to remind him that seven numbers were needed. The 55-year-old scored a big win and with 630m Hungarian forints in his account he can now buy a property wherever he likes.

A significant part of the money will be used to improve the quality of life and among the first acquisitions would be a house and a new vehicle that he already purchased. He is married and has children, with the latter being the ones to drive the car, while the lucky couple will be focusing mostly on the new property. The winner plans on refurbishing a house and move there, but he also intends to donate a part of the jackpot to charity and start his own foundation.

Things are not going exactly smooth in Hungary and there are many human rights activists protesting the new laws that are aimed at limiting the freedom of homeless people. There are as many as 30,000 of them on the streets right now and the authorities plan on jailing those who break the law that prohibits them from sleeping in various locations. It is uncertain whether Andraschek with join these protests now that he has a roof above his head, but it goes without saying that he has more effective ways of getting involved and support the cause.

Another Lotto 6/49 jackpot won by Calgary player

megalottoGiven the fact that just three weeks ago another lottery player from Calgary won a Lotto 6/49 jackpot exceeding $40 million, it is only fair to say that players from the city are particularly lucky these days. Another one scooped a payout that is five times lower, yet significant and the media was wondering whether he would follow the writings all of the former winner.

Those who don’t remember, Tom Crist won $40 million and decided to donate the entire amount to charity, something that hasn’t happened in lottery history. He had his reasons to do so and his actions should inspire other winners to do similar good deeds, with Kim Kelly being the first to be presented with the opportunity. She had no intention to purchase a ticket that day, as was gearing up for the New Year Eve’s party after celebrating Christmas.

When she remembered about the lottery ticket, she used a self-checker machine to compare her numbers against the winning ones and she was stunned by her discovery. As it happens with many lottery winners, she didn’t realize the full magnitude of her fortune and assumed that’s she won a smaller amount. The difference between her assumption and the real payout was 1000 times so in only a few hours she got to celebrate a similar achievement twice.

She would’ve won even more money, hadn’t it been for a Winnipeg player who also matched all the winning numbers and as a result won the other half of the $16 million prize. Lottery officials were equally enthusiastic about this success, as it occurred just a couple of days after the $40 million prize being awarded the Tim Crist. When asked about her plans, Kim told them that the first priority of the list is an exotic vacation away from the biting cold of Canada.

Calgary lottery winner donates entire jackpot

megalottIt is customary for lottery winners to donate a small part of the prize to those less fortunate or at least to help out family members and friends. What doesn’t happen often is for the winner to donate the entire amount, especially when this consists of $40 million. A Calgary resident who won the record jackpot in the local lottery did exactly that and he has strong reasons to exhibit this extreme generosity.

Unlike others who make a big deal out of the slightest act of kindness, Tom Crist doesn’t feel like he has anything to prove and no intention to brag about his act. The fact that the donation represents $40 million made it impossible for the media not to catch wind of it and the good thing is that by sharing his story, the author can serve as an example to others. He lost his wife to cancer a few years ago and since that tragic moment he became heavily involved in helping those suffering from this incurable malady.

Now that he joined the select group of millionaires, even if for only a few days he chose not to keep a dollar for himself. Everything will go to his foundation and he hopes that this money can help the organization better pursue its goals and ultimately help those struggling. It is one thing to talk the talk and an entirely different thing to walk the walk, but for Tom there are no second thoughts and no regrets at all.

When asked by reporters why he didn’t choose to keep a few millions for himself and donate the rest, he told them that he has enough money to live a decent life. His kids are also doing well, so the money will be put to good use instead of being wasted on entertainment and frivolous activities. Apparently Crist knew from the moment he matched his numbers against the winning ones that he would donate everything and he now looks forward to see the impact made by this donation.

As far as lottery officials are concerned, this $40 million jackpot is the largest ever awarded by Calgary lottery and the fact that the money was donated, is more than an inspiring story. There were tens of thousands of players who bought tickets for this drawing, knowing that they had a good chance of winning the biggest jackpot ever. It is virtually impossible to argue that anyone would have deserved the money more than Tom did.