Camelot doubles up UK National Lottery tickets price

Camelot doubles up UK National Lottery tickets priceOne of the main reasons for why people prefer lottery to similar games based on luck is that the cost of playing is significantly lower. Add to this the fact that anyone has the same chance of winning regardless of experience and you realize why these games are so popular among people of all backgrounds. On the other hand, the idea of paying twice as much for the same lottery ticket is never appealing and Camelot should’ve thought about that before announcing that the price of UK National Lottery tickets went up.

To be more precise, before this price bump, a ticket used to cost £1 and now people would have to pay twice as much for the same chance of winning. This is not the first time that the operators of a major lottery decide to charge more money for tickets, with Powerball being an excellent example. Almost 2 years ago, the ones behind this popular American lottery decided that it would be perfectly fair to increase the price from $1-$2. The players were initially upset but after a while they grew to accept the fact that in exchange of paying more money, they were competing for increasingly higher jackpots.

It is no coincidence that over the course of 2013 several records were broken and the number of bin lottery winners has increased dramatically. While this example could serve as an argument in favor of Camelot’s decision, there is no guarantee that the British audience will react in the same manner. For the time being, the numerous surveys conducted by third-party organizations suggest that players are deeply upset with the measure and some even plan on boycotting the lottery.

When it comes to forecast, there is no consensus about what will happen next but there are plenty who think that this could be the straw that broke the camel’s back for lottery players. One thing that could happen is for players to shift from the UK National Lottery to the Health Lottery who announced that it has no intention of increasing prices. Add to this the fact that the aforementioned lottery is frequently emphasizing the fact that they donate a bigger percentage of their revenue to good causes and you’ve got some rock-solid reasons for why players might trade one lottery for the other.