Calgary lottery winner donates entire jackpot

megalottIt is customary for lottery winners to donate a small part of the prize to those less fortunate or at least to help out family members and friends. What doesn’t happen often is for the winner to donate the entire amount, especially when this consists of $40 million. A Calgary resident who won the record jackpot in the local lottery did exactly that and he has strong reasons to exhibit this extreme generosity.

Unlike others who make a big deal out of the slightest act of kindness, Tom Crist doesn’t feel like he has anything to prove and no intention to brag about his act. The fact that the donation represents $40 million made it impossible for the media not to catch wind of it and the good thing is that by sharing his story, the author can serve as an example to others. He lost his wife to cancer a few years ago and since that tragic moment he became heavily involved in helping those suffering from this incurable malady.

Now that he joined the select group of millionaires, even if for only a few days he chose not to keep a dollar for himself. Everything will go to his foundation and he hopes that this money can help the organization better pursue its goals and ultimately help those struggling. It is one thing to talk the talk and an entirely different thing to walk the walk, but for Tom there are no second thoughts and no regrets at all.

When asked by reporters why he didn’t choose to keep a few millions for himself and donate the rest, he told them that he has enough money to live a decent life. His kids are also doing well, so the money will be put to good use instead of being wasted on entertainment and frivolous activities. Apparently Crist knew from the moment he matched his numbers against the winning ones that he would donate everything and he now looks forward to see the impact made by this donation.

As far as lottery officials are concerned, this $40 million jackpot is the largest ever awarded by Calgary lottery and the fact that the money was donated, is more than an inspiring story. There were tens of thousands of players who bought tickets for this drawing, knowing that they had a good chance of winning the biggest jackpot ever. It is virtually impossible to argue that anyone would have deserved the money more than Tom did.