Another Lotto 6/49 jackpot won by Calgary player

megalottoGiven the fact that just three weeks ago another lottery player from Calgary won a Lotto 6/49 jackpot exceeding $40 million, it is only fair to say that players from the city are particularly lucky these days. Another one scooped a payout that is five times lower, yet significant and the media was wondering whether he would follow the writings all of the former winner.

Those who don’t remember, Tom Crist won $40 million and decided to donate the entire amount to charity, something that hasn’t happened in lottery history. He had his reasons to do so and his actions should inspire other winners to do similar good deeds, with Kim Kelly being the first to be presented with the opportunity. She had no intention to purchase a ticket that day, as was gearing up for the New Year Eve’s party after celebrating Christmas.

When she remembered about the lottery ticket, she used a self-checker machine to compare her numbers against the winning ones and she was stunned by her discovery. As it happens with many lottery winners, she didn’t realize the full magnitude of her fortune and assumed that’s she won a smaller amount. The difference between her assumption and the real payout was 1000 times so in only a few hours she got to celebrate a similar achievement twice.

She would’ve won even more money, hadn’t it been for a Winnipeg player who also matched all the winning numbers and as a result won the other half of the $16 million prize. Lottery officials were equally enthusiastic about this success, as it occurred just a couple of days after the $40 million prize being awarded the Tim Crist. When asked about her plans, Kim told them that the first priority of the list is an exotic vacation away from the biting cold of Canada.